What Makes This Room Ugly? Find Out in 6 Seconds

“The Baroque is a period of artistic style that used exaggerated motion and clear, easily interpreted detail to produce drama, tension, exuberance, and grandeur in sculpture, painting, architecture, literature, dance, theatre, and music. The style began around 1600 in Rome and Italy, and spread to most of Europe.” – Wikipedia
baroque product animation 3D animation kaleidosky

Although Baroque style was prevalent some 400 years ago, we still admire it today.  Imagine the energy and time the artists invested, and most of all the money.   Baroque is one of the most complex styles to execute in 3D animation too.  To make a sculpted monogram as a 3D model requires a lot of handmade manual labor.

But now the question is this:  Was all this effort worth it?   Of course, at that time the aristocrats did not value of the lives of the builders and sculptors they hired to create these monograms.  These artisans’ personal lives held no significance in the eyes of the nobles and masters who lived in these palaces.   A poor builder spent his lives to create the stucco, carve the gold leaf, or chop down expensive trees.  And each day he returned home to his wife and children.  He was reminded how his life, his house, his home were for practical and functional purpose.  It was sufficient, without excess or decoration.

Time passed.  People began to understand increasingly more that simple yet functional styles of interior designs do not look worse than just beautiful ones.  Yes, they look simpler, but more functional and therefore more convenient for life.

product animation 3D animation kaleidosky

In our field of 3D animation, when we animate a product, we always try to make the 3D animation would look clean, sleek  and without unnecessary details.  At the beginning of the product animation video, we see a modern living room that is otherwise pristine and orderly.  The thing that seems out of place are the messy cables.  It is noticeable, distracting, and it sticks out like an eye sore.

Outlets from the 1950s

It’s amusing to consider that although it’s 2017, we still use the cables, plugs, and outlets from the 1950s.  It’s such an everyday item that we don’t even notice it.  We don’t notice until we watch this product animation, and it calls to mind how the outlets and plugs simply look unappealing and visually inefficient.

It seems to us that everything should match with its time.  Baroque style had strict rules.  In the 1600s the builders and sculptors had to follow the rules and principles set by the Church, including type of materials such as untreated stones, wood, and clay.  If they didn’t adhere to the principles, then their art and work would be in jeopardy.  Everything has its own time.  And in our modern era, it’s not just about beauty but also about functionalism.

In our product animation video, our task was to show what a room that appears stuck in the 1950s.  But please notice the second part of the 3D animation.  Our client found a solution for making a modern house truly more modern.

Sockets More Noticeable

socket product animation 3D animation kaleidosky

Unfortunately, today we do not have the ability to connect our electric appliances without physical contact.  Still some 20 years ago we did not even notice Elektra sockets because we did not use them especially.   We just flipped the switch, the lamp turned on, and then we had no need to think further about the socket.  But today the Electra socket is something most of come into contact every day.  Because we have devices and gadgets we charge everyday.  So we need to come in contact with the socket regularly.  Plug, unplug.  Repeat.

When we just started doing interior design 15 years ago, our clients wanted just one outlet with a set of sockets next to the bed.  Yes, this is the project we show in this 3d animation.  But now just two sockets are not enough because of our devices and gadgets.  Next to bed, most of us have a smartphone which need to charge overnight.  Then there’s the tablet for reading in bed.  That’s not even counting the lamp, alarm clock, and possibly a heating blanket or heater.  The main thing is not even how many sockets you have on each side of the bed.  More importantly, it’s what we use those sockets for each day.  In our product animation, we show messy, unsightly cables that spoil the atmosphere and ambience of a beautiful living room.

Solution to Messy Cables

What’s the solution?  Should we completely reconstruct the house?  Maybe, but not every 10 years.  To change the outlet and make at least three sockets on each side of the bed instead of just two, we can’t just pull out one outlet and insert additional ones.  It is necessary to change the cross-section of the wire for more sockets, and for this it is necessary to disassemble all the walls.  Not a simple fix.

sw product animation 3D animation kaleidosky

Here’s where SleekSocket comes in.  They invented a new device that solves these issues.  When our client asked us to create a product animation, we were fascinated by the new device because it is so sleek and thin.  In the product animation, we see that the socket device costs just $15 to revamp your room.  You can hide messy cables from view, and add an additional socket.  Additional the new socket device is very thin.  Its width is like that of an average pencil.  And since it’s white, it blends into the wall so that it’s in effect unnoticeable like camouflage.  The product animation videos showcase different types of this device, for new generations of outlets and for old ones.  You can specify the size you need.  The device has 3 sockets, and a very nice cable extender.

In the 3D animation, we can see how the socket device upgrades the overall look of the room.  Cool, right?  Now the room goes from 1950s to 2017, and certainly not 1600s.  We see a new style of the modern room.  It’s a a clean design concept in which you and your children want to live.  Now our sockets aren’t just functional.  The socket device helps make sockets more non-visible and therefore room appeal increases.  We hope this starts a trend now and for decades to come.

We no longer live in Baroque period.  The year is 2017.  So let’s update our interior rooms.  To live in a comfortable, functional, and attractive home.  Isn’t that what home is?  A warm haven, one we find solace, instead of one we dislike.

To see another special feature of the socket device, see a different product animation.

The product can be purchased on Amazon.

— By KaleidoSKY Inc. | 3D animation studio in ny