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Artificial intelligence has always intrigued people with mixed emotions.  Some people fear it.  Others are fascinated and eager to see its progress.  As a 3d animation studio in ny, we had a project to animate a humanoid.  That got us thinking:

What is AI?

There is no singular answer to the question of what artificial intelligence can do.  The possibilities could literally be endless.  One source defines AI as “the property of intellectual systems to perform creative functions that are traditionally considered the prerogative of a person.”Columbia Pictures Parody

So … if artificial intelligence is a self-taught mind, then how can it be measured?

Turing Experiment

Have you ever heard of the Turing experiment?  In 1950 Alan Turing proposed an interesting test in an article “Computing Machinery and Intelligence”.  The purpose of this test was to determine the possibility of artificial intelligence that resembled the human. LUV: Couple’s Paired Headphones

A standard test goes like this:   “A person interacts with one computer and one person.  Based on the answers to questions, the participant must determine who he is talking to: a person or a computer program.  The task of the computer program is to mislead the participant, trying to get him to make the wrong choice. ”

The participants in the test do not see each other. 3D Animation of Apocalyptic City The most common assumption is that an AI will be able to display behavior similar to humans in average situations.  The Turing experiment asserts that the AI would continuously increase its knowledge base as it maintains conversation with an ordinary person.

Science Fiction

Many science-fiction writers imagine a different view.  AI will rise when machines will be able to feel and create.  Hence we see Andrew in the “Bicentennial Man” begins to be treated more as a man after it creates a toy for its own project.  Likewise Data from “Star Trek” with communication and learning, starts to yearn for emotions and intuition.

It’s easy to criticize the sci-fi approach.  For example, it’s easy to create a mechanism that can evaluate parameters of an external or internal environment and then react to unfavorable values.  About such a system, we can say that the AI has “feelings”. What Makes This Room Ugly? Find Out in 6 Seconds We could say it feels “pain” – which is a reaction when our nerves and sensors are impacted.  Or we could say it feels “hunger” when it reacts to low battery status. 

3D Animation of Humanoid Be a Hero

Of course, we may never know whether AI will be part of our lives or not.  But for now, as a 3D animation studio NYOur Story, we want to show our own version of what an AI robot and humanoid could look like. 3D Animation of Ducati

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