Rewrite Your Story | Video Production

If you could rewind your life and change one of your decisions, what would it be?  As imperfect beings, at times we all say or do things we regret later.  If we could change a past action or reaction, would you be at a different place now?

Real Life vs. Fiction

But real life doesn’t work that way, no matter how much we may wish we could change it.  Real life isn’t like  movies like Groundhog’s Day where characters are allowed (or even forced) to re-live a past event – and to keep re-living it – until they do something right and good.  Real life isn’t like video games where you can replay a round.

WriteYour Own Story

But actually that’s not a bad thing.  Maybe it’s good that life is linear.  Because when we err, then how do we react?  Our reaction to our own mistakes is yet another critical decision in itself.  At that moment, will you choose to give up on yourself and remain stuck with your failures – or will you choose to become better?

The point is, after we fall and we’re down, we always have a choice.  Do we learn from it, then get up, and try to be better?  The linearity of life gives us a chance to grow, develop, become better – because we can.  The question is:  Do you want to?  We have to first want to.

Your Best Story

Because the greatest stories – in books and films – are those where the main character fails at first, but then gets up and becomes a better man by the end of the story.  We, as the audience, follow them on their journey for inner growth.  Such stories inspire us.  We cheer them on.  We want them to succeed, to be better.

At the end of such movies or books, do we dwell only on that main character’s initial failure?  Is that how we characterize him?  No, we summarize that person, not on his initial failures, but on how he reacted to his own failures and how he became a better person afterwards.  We view his favorably, honorably.

The same is in real life.  When we hear of a drug addict or alcoholic who stopped their addiction and then started becoming a better family man – or when we hear of a thief who turned around and started living an honest life – we view the man honorably at his end state, rather than his initial state.

It’s the end of one’s story and overall journey that defines a man.

Life is Linear

If life wasn’t linear and we could rewind and change our past bad decisions, our life stories wouldnt be as inspiring to others.  Because if we could erase our bad times, such that our life story contained only perfect decisions, then how does that help other imperfect people who are struggling internally with their own failures?  How could such people relate to us?

So life being linear is a necessity.  First for ourselves, so that we can prove to ourselves that we can and will get up.  This gives us self-respect.  But it’s also necessary to other people who may see our example and find inspiration.  We can help show others that they too can change and be better.

We can’t rewind our life – but we can write how the rest of our story goes, from today onward.  As long as are still alive, we still have time to change.  Our individual stories have not still ended.  So choose.  Choose to be become better.

We Are Innately Progressive

Humans were created to be progressive.  We weren’t created to plateau and remain stuck in one state.  Rather, we were created to grow.  That’s why often times people want to better their lives.  That’s why people seek higher education, job change, hobbies, and meaningful relationships.  Because it’s all dynamic and rich with meaning.


That’s also why motivational seminars are popular.  People want inspiration and guidance.  One of our clients organizes motivational content to educate and inspire people.  As a post-production and 3D animation studio in ny, we were tasked to create a video commercial to communicate their content.  We produced and edited this commercial.  A link to an excerpt is above.  We hope you enjoy the overall message about personal growth.