Zuma | Restaurant Design & 3D Animation

I’m always impressed by how Japanese people are generally meticulous and thoughtful with everything.  From technology to art, and even food, it’s a compliment to the culture how they contemplate with great attention to efficiency, effectiveness, aesthetics, and emotional well-being.

Harmony of Senses

I can say that confidently based on my visits to Japan.  Take for instance their approach to food.  By sheer default, they care not only for sustenance and nourishment – but they really balance their approach with flavor, aroma, textures, and visual appeal.  They consider all physical and emotional senses, even with something as basic and necessary as food.  Harmony and flow are important.  It’s as if philosophy applies to every single minute aspect of life.  As if every aspect of life is a form of art to be appreciated.  And that’s just one example.


Recently we designed and animated a Japanese restaurant for a client.  We wanted to convey harmony, nature, peace, and the joys of life.  We used natural materials and elements in the design, and also added reflective mirrors to carry the concept of sky and air.  We hope you enjoy the animation too.