“Let There Be Light” | 3D Product Animation

Power of Light

Humans are innately drawn to light.  It seems we’ve been so since the dawn of time.  From a quiet sunrise to a crackling fire and to the brilliant stars in a night sky, light has been a magnet of curiosity and fascination.  From young children to adults alike, we never seem to tire of it.  We are always mesmerized by light.

We associate light with positivity like hope, eternity, love, happiness, inspiration.  Maybe it’s because light evokes warmth.  After all, who doesn’t enjoy the warmth on our skins from the daytime sun or a large campfire?  Who doesn’t stop to appreciate the magnificence and beauty at each golden hour?  Light also evokes clarity and resolution.  It enables visibility.  Without light, we cannot see.  Light reveals, removes the curtain of darkness and the unknown.

Is Light a Particle or a Wave?

Remember being fascinated with water when you were a child?  It was amazingly transparent, and it ran through your fingers and you couldn’t grasp it as you could a solid object.

Light is another natural force that carries its own awe and mystery.  For years, scientists debated back and forth on the true nature of light.  Is it a particle or a wave?  Around 1700, Isacc Newton thought it was a particle.  Other scholars thought the latter.  Recently it was proved that it is both a particle and a wave.

“Always Darkest Before the Dawn”

Let’s stop and rewind to older times when people knew only sunlight as the only light source.  Then there was fire.  Can you imagine man’s elation when he discovered how to use oil lamps and candles?   Now light was no longer limited to daytime.

Fast-forward to now.  Today most of us take it for granted that we have artificial lights.  We just flip the switch on and off without thinking twice.  But can you imagine the year when man went from not having lightbulbs to now having them?  Interestingly, Thomas Edison is traditionally credited with inventing the lightbulb.  But actually there were several others before him.

Todays lighting fixtures are a common household item.  Decades ago we passed the point of it being a basic necessity.  Many nowadays can afford stylish or artistic designs to fit our personal tastes in interior design.  There is a huge range in styles.

At KaleidoSKY Inc, this topic has been a recent area  of contemplation and amusement.  We were inspired by the lighting fixtures from Matthew McCormick Studio.  Their artists custom-create contemporary lighting designs that are unique, fresh, artsy, tasteful.  Their designs reveal their philosophy and passion for shapes and form.  Each design carries it own personality, as if telling a colorful story.  It’s always a thrill to see artists express themselves in various design forms, even in lighting fixtures.  Check out their website — you cannot not be inspired when you visit it.  Just for kicks, we put together a short 3D animation features a few of their designs.  We hope you’ll enjoy it.