Bene | Café Design & Animation

Morning Coffee

When I was a child, every morning started with my father’s 6 AM routine.  He would turn on the television and listen to the news as he got ready for work.  I remember each morning I would be half awake and half asleep, my head still fuzzy and dreamy, hearing in a suspended state the distant sounds coming from the television.  I had one foot in dreamland, and the other foot in reality.

Between the news segments, the network ran the Folgers instant coffee commercial.  It’s that Folgers jingle that I remember most.  It was catchy and jolly.  The main line went, “The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup”.  That jingle was my daily alarm clock that snapped me out of dreamland and into reality.

The ironic thing was that my father didn’t drink coffee.  Our house wasn’t filled with the daily aroma of coffee, nor the gurgle, drip, and steam.  Yet I associate early mornings with coffee because of the Folgers jingle.  Each morning when i heard the song in bed, my eyes would still be closed, yet I could see in my mind’s eye a white cup and faint, airy steam evaporating.  The best part was that I could even smell the aroma in my dreams.  The jingle itself was my morning coffee.

I always loved the smell of coffee.  As a kid, i like cold iced coffee in the summer.  I probably only tried it twice only, for my mother felt children shouldn’t drink coffee due to the caffeine.  I always looked forward to being able to drink coffee when I grew up.

Contemplating a Coffee Bean

Now as an adult, I contemplate the variety of coffee beans produced around the world.  And I found myself amused by the various emotions coffee stirs in people.  For some, it’s a morning calm.  For others, it jumpstarts an active, busy day and life on the go.  Still too, it’s the mid-day battery recharge.  It’s also a means for social networking and connections.  And a balanced, bitter complement to a sweet dessert.

Despite the varied settings, the one common emotion it conjures is the positive associations.  It’s rarely negative.  Perhaps that’s why cafes are so popular.    Cafes connote warm, fuzzy feelings – and it’s not just because of the beverage temperature.

Interior Design & 3D Animation of a Cafe

As a 3D design and animation studio in ny, we recently completed an interior design project of a cafe chain.  We wanted to create a space where customers can be whoever they want with their cup of coffee.  A person can regroup with his inner self, find peace and solace drinking solo, absorbed in a good book or working on a laptop.  He can chat with business associates, start and evolve a revolutionary idea.  He can meet a old friend, reminisce over past times, and laugh about new experiences. Or he can re-energize and get a second wind for the second half of his day.

We invite you to visit the cafe.  This is your place.  This is your time.  It’s a safe place, a haven almost.