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Love romanticized

Novels and films romanticize love.  Even 3D animated movies include elements of love in the stories. Novelists and film directors portray love in a superficial way.  But in fact, real love is something deeper, richer, and everlasting.

What is real love?

Is love simply when you and your beloved person do activities together? No, love is more than that. Love is an unbreakable bond that proves through words and action that you say and do – not on what you want – but on what benefits and pleases the person you love.

A colleague who works in our 3D animation studio in ny once said, “You are actually ready to start a family if you have a really strong desire to take care of someone else. False love is when you want to create a family because you feel lonely.” And he’s right. A person who wants love from someone else and lives only for himself will never be happy with his family. Such relationships likely won’t lead to anything good.

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Consider three different couples:

  • A young couple riding the New York subway, each person with his or her headphones. They’re holding hands. They radiate joy, bliss, and satisfaction because they are together, and they could care less about everything around them. They do not notice anything. Nevertheless, due to separate headphones, each person is experiencing his or her own world.
  • A couple biking together, each person with his or her own headphones.
  • A couple flying on a plane, and they want to watch a movie together. The only way is to share only one pair of headphones. It’s not the most comfortable, but the couple loves each other. Each person listens through one earbud, even though the sound quality is noisy.

What do all 3 couples have in common? Each person wants to share his experience with his significant other. I peronally experienced this myself not too long ago –

Eureka moment

It was a perfect day.  My spouse and I were biking together.  The sun was shining radiantly.  Its warmth was soaking down from our skin to our bones, recharging us like batteries.  The air was crisp. There were soft cotton clouds rolling by majestically.  It was that perfect scene that we always dream of re-creating in our 3D animation and visual effects projects.

We were loving every breath.  The only thing lacking was music.  If only we had music on us.  Well, we each had our smartphones.  But if we each connected to our own music, we would be in our separate worlds.

But what if we could both connect our headsets to the same music player and hands-free?  That would really tie our experience together in an elevated way.  We would be in the same world together.

Next generation of experience

Not long after, a client asked us to design a headset. Admittedly, at first we weren’t overexcited since the market is saturated with various headsets. Then we learned that this headset was different. It was deja vu when the client said, “Imagine biking with your best friend and listening to your favorite tunes together! There’s even a mic on each headset so you can also talk to each other.  The headsets are Bluetooth-enabled, so you can enjoy hands-free without cords.”

Product design and 3D animation

At our 3D animation studio in ny, we were floored when the client asked us to design and animate the product. Even Marshall, Beats, not even Apple, offer a technology like that right now.  Currently in the market, you can only pair just 1 set of headsets to a device. There isn’t even a splitter technology.

The key feature of these special headphones is that you can pair 2 sets of headphones to a single device through Bluetooth. Now you can listen to the same music and watch the same movie with your best friend or significant other, and converse together while you’re outside. The headphones have a microphone for gamers. The quality is comparable to a telephone microphone with sound filtering and noise reduction. It really is breakthrough technology. The headsets are made in luxurious Italian leather in multiple color options.  You can even customize the colors to match or compliment the matching pairs of headsets.

Our 3D animation studio in ny was thrilled to do the product design. If you notice, these headphones have very large diffusers, made of genuine leather with an aluminum coating on the outside. The symbol V is a modern meaning of Victory.  It’s also the V in Luv.  And we also imagine the V as a heart.

For the deserved

We designed these headphones are not for narcissists, for they do not deserve such a cool device. Instead they are for people who like to share with their spouses. Share their world. Share experiences together, like listening to music or watching movies together. For couples who have already shown that they are ready to sacrifice their own preferences or comfort and may have even already tried sharing one earbud before this new headset technology became available. For couples who truly love each other.

We welcome your comments

Please view our product design and 3d animation from our studio in ny. We really wanted it to be the freshest headphones in the market. We welcome your comments below on how you would improve these headphones, and how you see yourself using this with your family. Our employees at our 3d animation studio in ny take your comments seriously and will definitely forward your feedback to the technical developers of this product.

 – By KaleidoSKY Inc. | 3d animation studio in ny