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Motorcycles stir a certain kind of excitement.  To understand why, we must first rewind to thousands of years ago when people rode horses.  Horses were one of the most expensive yet also a common means of transportation.  From knights and nobles to commoners and travelers, over the centuries many rode horses.  The famous U.S. postal company, the Pony Express, which was founded in 1860, used horses to deliver letters. 

One reason why people loved horses was because they were the fastest means of transportation of that time.  For instance, a Pony Express rider could travel 2000 miles by changing horses.  True, riding a horse was not as comfortable as riding a wagons, nor did it provide shelter from the inclement weather.  However they were very fast and accomplished what people needed in terms of distance and time.

Need for Speed

Aside from practical reasons, why do we love speed?  It’s one of the reasons why people love motorcycles today.  It’s our love for speed, a sense of freedom, and control.  It lies in our genes, somewhere deep, and we will never fully relinquish this feeling in exchange for comfort. 

Of course, today most travel by car because we need our hair and attire to be sleek and beautiful when we arrive at the office.  Or during bad weather, we want to feel comfortable and warm in the car.  But motorcycles don’t offer this.  Have you ever known someone who bought a motorcycle to commute to his office?  There is a certain type of people who love it. Our Story


The particular bike that’s featured in the video commercial is not for just anyone.  This motorcycle was created by Ducati for a certain group of people with a disposable income and who lives for freedom, control, and individuality.  This bike is for such spirited individuals. 

Some people who have never driven anything other than cars perceive that motorcycles are too fast and hard to balance and control.  But actually it’s the opposite.  When you fly at high speed on the track, you actually feels as if you’re standing still.  It’s almost like a certain weightlessness in a space where time slows down.  Even if you were to let go of the handlebar, the motorcycle would not tip over. 

Of course, we certainly don’t recommend this to anyone without special training.  However the point is simply that it almost feels as if time stopped and gives you a sense of freedom, disconnected from reality. 


Many bikers also comment that motorcycles also give them a sense of control.  You feel one with the bike.  It’s such an individual experience.  You own it.  It’s a certain elation to control where you want to go, how fast, as you split the air and wind and road in the sun.  It’s also silent.  Just you and the bike and your thoughts.  You’re in your world. 

3D Animation of Ducati

As a 3D product animation studio in New York, we dissembled the parts with 3D animation to show viewers an expanded view of the parts.  Then we re-assembled the parts back together.  It’s intriguing how these various small components sum together to form a device for freedom – thanks to the innovation and hard work of the Ducati designers.

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