IDMED AlgiScan | 3D Animation by KALEIDOSKY

For this product marketing animation for IDMED, we created a 3D model of the human eye and animated the pupil dilation process. Our 3D animation starts with extreme close-ups of the pupil, to create cinematic intrigue and engage customers. The topology of the human eye is incredibly awe-inspiring, almost like you’re in another microcosm or dimension.

Our detailed 3D animation shots would be impossible to achieve with traditional videography. That’s why 3D medical animation and 3D product animation are increasingly gaining more ground for product marketing.

Our 3D product animation also features an exploded view of the medical device. We dissemble a medical device and show you a quick look inside. Traditional videography simply cannot do this. Therein lies another value of 3D product animation. Exploded views are an exciting and effective way to explain key product features and benefits. This is one of the reasons why leading firms like Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft use 3D animation to present their products in a stunning way.

Many medical devices companies are increasingly using more 3D medical animation and 3D product animation to replace traditional medical illustration and videography. As a 3D product animation studio, we enjoyed working with our client on this fun and challenging animation.

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