Savvy Baby iflo | 3D Product Animation & Water Simulation

Savvy Baby recently launched iflo, a revolutionary baby bottle that allows babies to feed as nature intended.  Invented by a fluid injection engineer and father, iflo works because of its pressure regulator and hygienic vent, which that remove vacuum pressure.  It’s more similar to natural breastfeeding than ordinary bottles.

As a 3D product animation studio, KALEIDOSKY Studio wanted to showcase the smart technology behind what seems to be an otherwise ordinary baby bottle. In the scriptwriting stage, we wanted to highlight the key product features and communicate the benefits of this special bottle.

For this 3D product animation, we created the 3D model of the bottle and its internal components from scratch. We then animated each key component. We used motion graphics to quickly explain how each feature works.

We also employed physics-based 3D liquid simulation to show the vacuum and pressure regulator works. Fluid simulation was also invaluable in showing the leak-proof feature of the bottle.

Our final animation was a visually engaging and professional explainer video for this innovative bottle.

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