Heritage | 3D Animation Mini-Documentary by KALEIDOSKY

When we were tasked to create a narrative of our client’s innovations in the field of real-time spectrum analyzers, we realized it could be approached in various ways.

We wanted more than just a dry historical documentary. We wanted an emotive piece, once that tells a story of passion, dedication, and teamwork. We wanted a compelling visual story that evokes trust and inspires. We wanted to take our viewers on a journey.

In the scriptwriting stage, our goal was to convey how heritage defines where we come from, who we are, and where we will go.

In this video, we created 3D animation and motion graphics so that our audience can travel back in time. We created a 3D model of a plexus time tunnel to relay a timeline and story of fresh beginnings and reminisce on innovations since. Along the way, we momentarily stop to view real archive photos and videos of past engineers who helped build their technology.

We then reach the present. And then ultimately, we end by looking forward into the future with confidence and assurance. In life, everything – be it an individual, team, business, or company – is defined by one’s past, present, and future aspirations.

With product marketing and 3D product animation, it’s not just about showcasing a product all the time. At times, it’s also valuable to show what a brand represents based on their roots, reputation, and future commitments. We see this all the time with ad campaigns done by larger firms such as Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, etc. It about the human-side and heart behind technology.

As a 3D product animation studio in New York, KALEIDOSKY Studio found this project to be an exciting journey of its own.

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