Tektronix MSO 6 | 3D Product Animation by KALEIDOSKY

For our client’s product launch, we wanted to tell a visual story of the upgraded parts coming together to become a new innovative technology.

First we adapted the 3D model of the device for 3D animation. This involved re-topo, shading, lighting, and other treatments.

As a 3D product animation studio, KALEIDOSKY Studio also understood the importance of music selection and sound effects. We selected a music piece that was inspirational and moving. This would be critical to the choreography of this animation.

Next we animated the key components. The scene starts with the components suspended in open space. To the beat of the music, we highlight each critical component as they connect to the central motherboard. Finally we present the new device all assembled for its debut.

Our 3D product animation is a choreography. It’s a dance, as key components mount in an elegant, deliberate, and synchronized manner. It’s a balance of movement and timing, and it represents how research and development always comes together in time to produce a new technology.

Our 3D product animation is an effective way to communicate product features without boring the audience. We reveal and explain the interior parts of the device in an exploded view, which cannot be done with conventional videography. We present the device in a stunning and professional way, for visual impact and appeal. The onscreen text and motion graphics highlight each key component and technical specifications. The music is an emotive tool to move the audience.

Consider this: Why else are leading firms like Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft using 3D product animations to showcase their products?

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