Mittmann | 3D Architectural Animation by KALEIDOSKY

In this project, we were challenged to convert 2D architectural schematics into a 3D architectural visualization that represents the designs by an architectural firm.

We wanted each viewer to see their potential future home and appreciate it in a beautiful 3D environment. But we wanted it to be more than just a 3D visualization. We wanted the audience to feel the calm feelings of an ideal home – namely fresh air, nature, peace, beauty, safety. Emotionally we wanted each viewer to feel at home. ‘home’.

As a 3D product animation studio, KALEIDOSKY Studio understood we needed serene, natural lighting. We also understood that the right music selection would be key in setting the right mood.

We took 5 different home designs and adapted the 3D models for animation. This meant re-topo, shading, lighting, among other things. We also had to build the surrounding landscape and environments. To complete the ambience, in the final edit we intercut footages of stunning natural environments, making sure to shot match and color grade.

With 3D architectural visualization, it’s not just about the technical specifications of a house. It’s about the ambience, balanced with functionality. It must have heart.

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