Rexing V1P Dash Cam | 3D Animation by KALEIDOSKY

This 3D product animation was for our client’s Amazon storefront and their website. For this video, we created a 3D model of a car. A fun challenge was creating a physics-based 3D simulation of a car crash scene, which involved particles fracturing in slow motion.

We also had to re-topo the 3D model of the dash cam and adapt it for 3D animation. Additionally we modeled the internal components and supercapacitor, in order to show an exploded view of the device in 3D. The exploded view is a stunning way to quickly and visually explain the key product features and benefits of the product. That’s another value of 3D product animations: We can showcase products in a way that conventional videography simply cannot.

Traditionally only top technology companies like Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft used 3D product animation in their product marketing ads. But as a 3D product animation studio in New York, we see that even smaller but forward-thinking consumer brands are increasingly following suit and using 3D product animation to sell on their Amazon storefronts and their websites. Our 3D product animations allow clients to showcase their product, convey key product features, and explain how their product works.

3D product animation also enhances a brand’s image. When you see high-end product marketing on a company’s Instagram or social media, it conveys that they are innovative and professional.

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