We are KALEIDOSKY, a creative design studio.  KALEIDOSKY represents our love of nature, imagination, and creativity.  Our name is rooted in Kaleidoscope + Sky.  The sky creates awe-inspiring displays.  The most amazing sky works occur when there is an interplay of light, wind, and clouds.  It’s a live exhibition of kaleidoscopic colors, shapes, textures, shadows, and choreography of movement.  It stirs emotions of awe and appreciation. Each split-second is ephemeral and unique.  The sky will never replicate that exact shot again. It truly is the most original and dynamic artwork. Visual content is our outlet for creating what nature produces perfectly.


At KALEIDOSKY, we do more than just design and create visual content. In essence we are your:

STORYTELLER.  We create 3D Product Animations, Motion Designs & Visual Effects for online media, TV, and film.  Our mission is to tell your story and move audiences to love your products and services.

ADVOCATE & PR AGENT.  Large and small businesses are increasingly using product animationsmotion graphics, and explainer videos on  websites, Amazon storefronts, and social media.  That’s where we come in.  We help businesses explain their products through 3D animation and VFX.  We also assist entrepreneurs and startups that need videos for crowdfunding campaigns.

IMAGE COORDINATOR.  Successful websites and mobile apps have easy navigation, a professional look, with a unique brand identity.  We design custom UX / UI solutions for businesses.  We develop UX themes based on user needs, define navigational models and hierarchy structures, design wireframes and prototypes.  We also build the Design System by defining the design elements and brand guidelines.


In the digital world, nearly anything is possible.  We can create and animate pretty much anything – products, logos, characters, objects, environments, spaces, settings, concepts.  We can even convey time.

Please let our Portfolio speak for itself!

We do business with clients worldwide.  Contact us to explore creative possibilities for your project or product.