Henny Penny F5 | 3D Product Animation

Every once in awhile, you just want good old comfort food from your favorite fast food franchise.  Sometimes the best treat can be as simple as something freshly fried – like chicken nuggets or fries.  A good fried food is like real Parisienne baguette – slightly crunchy on the outside, soft and moist in the inside.  Suddenly I flashback to a line from the animation movie Ratatouille:

How can you tell how good bread is without tasting it?  Not the smell, not the look, but the sound of the crust.  Listen.  [Bread crackles.]  Oh, symphony of crackle.  Only great bread sound this way.

One of our clients commissioned us to create a 3D animation for a new product launch.  The new F5 by Henny Penny is as intelligent and high-tech as a fryer can get.  Frying is no longer manual because now smart automated features help franchises fry to perfection.  The F5 has LCD touchscreen panels that help ensure consistent quality for different food items.  Other digital features include automatic sensors that moderate oil levels; oil disposal capability, and also automatic lift arms for the fry baskets.   Now less manual monitoring is needed than ever before.  Now nothing is under or over-fried.

Since this project, now whenever we pass by a large chain, we can’t help but notice which commercial fryer brand is being used.  We see Henny Penny fryers at McDonald’s and Arby’s.  Recently we noticed even our local Costco food court uses a Henny Penny fryer.

Now if only there were consumer smart fryers for homes.  Because BAM!  Kick it up a notch – and fry gourmet.  Effortlessly.  Suddenly we have a Bubble Gump moment.  Tiny thought bubbles pop up with images of shrimp tempura, agedashi tofu, beer-battered calamari, English fish and chips, spicy Southern fried chicken, bacon-wrapped jalapeño poppers, crisp kale chips, golden beignets …  Even fried broccoli is good.  They say you can pretty much fry anything.  Frying makes everything tasty.  Maybe that’s why fried Twinkies exist.