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3D Animation & Visual Effects (VFX):  Be a Hero

Everyone needs a hero.  It’s an innate, inborn need that each person has.  Because a hero symbolizes hope, inspiration, motivation, salvation.  So who’s your hero?   When we were working on a 3D Animation & Visual Effects (VFX) project for a popular local persona, it made us meditate on the definition of a hero.

Are You Someone’s Hero?

It’s easy to forget that each individual can BE a hero for someone else.  Being a hero doesn’t have to be dramatic.  You don’t need to be superman or superwoman to be a hero.  You are a hero when you do what is right and impact someone in a positive way.  Make it a goal to try it each day.  If you’re already striving for it daily, keep up the good work and try a stretch goal.  While it’s noble to do kind acts, especially when conditions are easy – a true hero is one who does a kind and courageous act most especially when conditions aren’t favorable but hard.

Be a Hero

Was your day successful?  How would you define that?  A successful day is one when you do a heroic act, however small, that day.  So choose.  Be a Hero.  One day at a time.

In the 3D Animation & VFX clip above, we tell the story of a popular online gamer.  He doesn’t just play games.  Instead, he lives it, breathes it, dreams of it.  Our 3D Animation tells his story of how he enters and lives inside his world.

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3D Animation & VFX of a Local Hero

At KaleidoSKY, we aren’t just about 3D Animation, Visual Effects, and Motion Graphics.  It’s more than that.  Because at KaleidoSKY, we are storytellers.  We take your mission and help tell your story through our art.  Our mission is to inspire and move your audience. We help you Be a Hero.

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