Mercedes: Been There, Done That | 3D Animation by KALEIDOSKY

Many people long to visit outer space at least once in their lifetime.  The curiosity remains as long as the dream remains commercially unachievable.  If consumers could fly to outer space as easily as getting on the metro, perhaps our aspirations for outer space would be different. 

But what do you think about flying a car to outer space?  We’ve all heard about the launch of Tesla to Mars, and of course the event was massively impressive and entertaining. 


But now consider this please: Mercedes in outer space too.  Surprisingly enough unbeknownst to many, they were already there before anyone else.  To be the first in outer space does not always mean sending a car on a private rocket.  To be the first required years of research and development, which Mercedes has been doing since 1926. To be the first meant nonstop and concentrated work on new developments to benefit people now and for generations to come. 

Mercedes was always among the first.  They can say with certainty:  “We’ve been there.  We’ve done that.”