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art by kosa, early vfx artistkosa vfx artistDo you know who this man is? How would you describe this painting? It was done by a man who was one of the first VFX artists.  His name was Emil Kosa Jr. He produced fine works for noteworthy films, including Cleopatra (1963), in addition to many other VFX projects.


3D Animation & VFX in its Early Days

This article was inspired by one of his works, which is displayed before any movie produced by 20th Century Fox. Kosa designed and animated their logo. Back then, 3D animation was not as it is today. Instead, animation in its early days was done through hand drawing on glass frame by frame. So you can see how complex 3D animation was and how it consisted of manual matte painting.

20th Century Fox

Since its inception, the logo animation for 20th Century Fox went through several revisions, including the addition of color. Fast forward many decades to the 1990s, when Blue Sky Studio made the final 3D logo animation that many recognize today. Of course, the intro is a masterpiece represents the iconic statue of the production studio that 20th Century Fox is today.

The music for the logo was written by Alfred Newman. Eventually it was even re-arranged and used by George Lucas in Star Wars. It’s a really cool thought to think we grew up in that era, when film was starting to get more sophisticated.

3D Animation Parody

As a 3D animation studio in ny, we wanted to do a parody of the iconic intro. As you may know, the animation of 20th Century Fox was created in Los Angeles and portrays the city. In making this parody we asked, what if this 3D animation had not been made in L.A but somewhere else in the United States and in a different era?

So we added an old five-story house with a roof that is almost crumbling, and virtually no one residing in the building except one person. Who is this person? Could it be someone who is willing to live there because he does not notice his surroundings but stays indoors and plays games? Or is it a futuristic world in the 23rd century? Please write in the comments on how do you imagine our scene.

Hollywood Happy Endings

In any case, we decided to create a parody to show that life is not always as golden as 20th Century Fox’s original 3D animation. Many countries around the world watch Hollywood movies and dream of living the lives portrayed in the films. Because the real world is not like that. Have you ever wondered why so many films in Hollywood have a happy ending? Because people need it. Humans have an inborn need to hope. They yearn for something better. It gives them another reason to live. That’s why people love happy endings in movies.

Are Happy Endings Always Deserved?

But what about happy endings for characters who choose a bad course of action but don’t have to face the consequences? At KaleidoSKY, we don’t always like films where undeserved characters get a happy ending. For instance, in real life, you can’t rob a bank and not suffer the consequences. You can’t hurt someone and negatively impact their lives, and then expect your bad action to be forgotten and that everything will fix itself on its own. Yes, some things can be fixed, forgiven, renewed – whether it is deserved or not. But oftentimes each action we choose opens a door in our lives and in others which we cannot close. And not because people are bad or unforgiving, or because some things can go unpunished. Unlike in Hollywood movies, our lives are very short, and we just do not have time to fix everything we’ve done.

Oftentimes, we wish we could just turn back the time. Or we justify ourselves with excuses. But really the only thing that we can do is just continue to live, without demanding or expecting forgiveness from others. And live to be better and not repeat the same mistakes for which we now suffer. Despite regrets, it’s better to fight to live on because we do not want to become the person we hate most.

Happy Ending is an Undeserved Gift

So Hollywood films may show happy endings. But real happiness is not always just about fixing our past mistakes. Happiness is, despite not receiving forgiveness or despite being hated by those we had hurt, we still continue living and trying to become someone better.

It’s true that a happy ending is always pleasant and leaves a feeling of resolution and satisfaction. But the unfortunate truth is that no one is perfect and we all err.  From that angle, no one deserves a happy ending in real life. So when it happens, when happy ending in real life happen, it is an undeserved gift.

Based on True Story

That’s why movies based on real stories but are then altered by Hollywood are not as interesting to watch. Real, true stories without alternation are more interesting. When the story is true and raw, we as imperfect people can identify with the characters more because the portrayal is honest, not glorified. It is not fair to hurt people around us and at the same time, delude ourselves in thinking that we will always have time to correct the wrong. No, there isn’t always time to fix everything. It’s better to be honest with ourselves.

In our everyday lives, due to our imperfect nature, we will continue to make mistakes and do things that hurt others from time to time. Often times, we don’t mean to offend or hurt. It is not our desire. But we are just not perfect.

The Choice is Yours:  Become Better

But what we can do after that point is our choice. Do we hope for some miracle to justify our actions and fix everything, like a main character in a Hollywood blockbuster? Or do we try to be a better person and not repeat our past mistakes? It’s up to each of us to decide. As a 3D animation and VFX studio in ny, we choose the second way. It might not be a Hollywood ending for a blockbuster and we won’t receive an Oscar for best script. But maybe in this way, we can eventually redeem ourselves.

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— By KaleidoSKY Inc. | VFX & 3D animation studio in ny

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