SEO Commercial | 3D Animation by KALEIDOSKY

This is a glimpse of our 3D product animation – before the onscreen text and voiceover were added.

In this launch commercial for an SEO company, we had the exciting challenging of creating a 3D visualization of an abstract concept.

For this 3D product animation, first we created a 3D model similar to a factory, where millions of websites reside. It represents what happens when a business creates a website or online storefront, only to realize that their website is lost and buried in the mysterious netherworld of the internet.

Then we show how our client’s technology helps a particular website rise to the top of the search engine results. This 3D product animation was a visually compelling way to show the otherwise invisible and nebulous realm of the internet and how SEO can help a website become a hero.

This demonstrates how even abstract concepts can be communicated metaphorically and visually via 3D product animation. 3D animation is no longer limited to Hollywood or large corporations like Apple, Samsung, or Microsoft. Medium and small businesses are now increasingly using 3D animation to showcase their products or services.

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