Our Story

Who We Are

KALEIDOSKY started off as two artists in a garage studio.  Today we are a small team of 3D Animators and Visual Effects Artists, who still can’t believe we get paid to do what we love – 3D animation, VFX, and motion graphics.

What We Do

At KALEIDOSKY, we do more than just create visual content. In essence we are your:

STORYTELLER.  We create 3D animation, VFX, and motion graphics for TV, film, commercials, and online media.  Our mission is to tell your story and move audiences to love your products and services.

ADVOCATE & PR AGENT.   We help businesses communicate their logo identity and explain their products through 3D animation and visual effects.  We also assist entrepreneurs and startups that need videos for digital marketing and crowdfunding campaigns.  3D animation and VFX is no longer just for film and large corporate commercials. Due to the growth in the CG field, small businesses are increasingly using product animations, motion graphics, and explainer videos on their websites and social media.  That’s where we come in.  We are your advocate.  We champion your cause.

How We Do It

We can create and animate pretty much anything in 3D.  Company logos, products, objects, characters, environments, spaces, settings, concepts – and even time.

Our team is experienced in all aspects of 3D animation and VFX, including keying, rotoscoping, camera tracking, 3D modeling, shading, lighting, deep compositing, preparing VR 360 environments, and video editing.

We do business with clients worldwide.  Please let our Portfolio speak for itself!