Title Sequence for Live Streamer | Design & 3D Animation

This 3D Animation was for a popular live game streamer. The title sequence is intentionally long because it entertains while viewers wait for others to join the live stream.

For this title sequence, we designed and created an intriguing 3D model. In our 3D animation, we show extreme close-up shots. The shots are deliberate with dramatic intent. We also employed 3D particle simulation and pyro simulation for cinematic appeal.

At the end of the 3D animation sequence, we reveal that we’re looking at an honorary medal engraved with the host’s visage. The medallion rests on a stone by a flickering fire. The viewer is left wondering about the story behind the medallion. The ending of the sequence is as mysterious as the beginning.

As a 3D product animation studio, KALEIDOSKY Studio recognizes that good intros and title sequences are not just technical or flashy. More than that, it must tell a story. It must captivate the audience, keep them watching, whet their appetite. It must keep them wanting more, even when you’re done. 3D animation is an art.

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