3D Animation of City Apocalypse

Can you imagine a large, bustling city – except all empty? It’s post apocalypse. We created a full CG of a city for an apocalyptic film. The concept was to show a vacant city from multiple angles and fly-throughs. A flock of birds is the sole living creatures in the scene. Please come and tour the city:



3D Animation of a Couple’s Paired Headsets!

Imagine biking with your best friend or significant other and listening to your favorite tunes together! There’s even a mic on each headset so you can also talk to each other. The headsets are Bluetooth-enabled, so you can enjoy hands-free without cords. And you can order custom colors for your matching headsets. Now you can enjoy your favorite activities with your best friend or significant other – on a whole new level. Talk about innovation!



3D Animation of a Smart(er)phone

How do you make a smartphone smarter? One of our clients knows how. Their “new generation” teaser hints at features including wireless charging (no cords!), 48-hour battery life with full features/refreshes running, stereo VR camera, and surround sound technology. Apple, watch out. Smartphones aren’t just getting smarter – but more brilliant.