IDMED AlgiScan | 3D Animation by KALEIDOSKY

For this product marketing animation for IDMED, we created a 3D model of the human eye and animated the pupil dilation process. Our 3D animation starts with extreme close-ups of the pupil, to create cinematic intrigue and engage customers. The topology of the human eye is incredibly awe-inspiring, almost like you’re in another microcosm or dimension.

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Ducati RED | 3D Product Animation

Motorcycles stir a certain kind of excitement.  To understand why, we must first rewind to thousands of years ago when people rode horses.  Horses were one of the most expensive yet also a common means of transportation.  From knights and nobles to commoners and travelers, over the centuries many rode horses.  The famous U.S. postal company, the Pony Express, which was founded in 1860, used horses to deliver letters. 

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Bene | Café Design & Animation

Morning Coffee

When I was a child, every morning started with my father’s 6 AM routine.  He would turn on the television and listen to the news as he got ready for work.  I remember each morning I would be half awake and half asleep, my head still fuzzy and dreamy, hearing in a suspended state the distant sounds coming from the television.  I had one foot in dreamland, and the other foot in reality.

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“Let There Be Light” | 3D Product Animation

Power of Light

Humans are innately drawn to light.  It seems we’ve been so since the dawn of time.  From a quiet sunrise to a crackling fire and to the brilliant stars in a night sky, light has been a magnet of curiosity and fascination.  From young children to adults alike, we never seem to tire of it.  We are always mesmerized by light.

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Exceptional® SmarterPhone | 3D Product Animation

How do you make a smartphone smarter? One of our clients knows how. Their “new generation” teaser hints at features including wireless charging (no cords!), 48-hour battery life with full features/refreshes running, stereo VR camera, and surround sound technology. Apple, watch out. Smartphones aren’t just getting smarter – but more brilliant.

Columbia Pictures Parody

Columbia Pictures is one of the leading production studios in the world. They are almost 100 years old. Can you imagine the company made unique films even back then? They helped introduce our grandparents and parents to moving pictures. We too grew up watching their productions. And Columbia Pictures is sure to continue entertaining and influencing our children, grandchildren, and future generations to come.

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Conference Opener | 3D Animation

We created a video with 3D animation and motion graphics. The client is a hardware testing equipments manufacturer with annual revenues of USD $1Billion. This was a launch teaser for their new product.

Game App | 3D Animation

It’s always a thrill to work with entrepreneurs. If we had to describe their attitude and perspective as a mathematical formula, it would probably be something like this: Vision + internal drive + little bit of luck = make things happen.

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Henny Penny F5 | 3D Product Animation

Every once in awhile, you just want good old comfort food from your favorite fast food franchise.  Sometimes the best treat can be as simple as something freshly fried – like chicken nuggets or fries.  A good fried food is like real Parisienne baguette – slightly crunchy on the outside, soft and moist in the inside.  Suddenly I flashback to a line from the animation movie Ratatouille:

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Medical Device Teaser | 3D Animation

We had the privilege of creating a 3D product animation of a medical stent. It The client was a major medical devices manufacturer. The goal was to showcase the device in 360 and to demonstrate how the parts interact. Here is an abbreviated clip.