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Visual Content: That’s What We Do

3D Product Animation

We create 3D product animations for small, medium, and large companies. We’re driven by storytelling. Let our high-end animations convey your product’s core benefits in a compelling way and boost your sales!

3D Medical Animation

Our medical device animations showcase how your instrument works. Our visual content give emotional impact and force to your sales presentations and staff training events. Add more power to the punch!

Exterior Animation

We create future realities for architects and design firms. Enable audiences to experience your vision and concept, with our visualization and architectural rendering services.

Interior Animation

Our high-quality 3D interior visualizations convey the decor and interior elements – but most importantly, we express the ambience, mood, and future concept. We offer photorealistic quality work that convey incredible textures and material details.

3D Animation for Amazon Products

Are you an online retailer who sells products on Amazon, Etsy, or eBay? Our 3D product visualizations highlight your product’s features and competitive edge to differentiate your product and create a strong impression.

3d product animation

Motion Graphics Explainer Videos

Our high-art motion graphics range from simple and traditional to abstract, technical, or complex. Let us express your ideas in a succinct and engaging way.

Industrial, Construction & Manufacturing

Do you need to explain a technical process, machine, or tool? Our 3D industrial animations explain technical topics in a clear, and effective manner.

Animated Intros for TV Shows & YouTubers

We craft custom intros for TV shows and YouTube channels. We also produce trailers and full-on episodes for the entertainment industry and social media influencers.

3D Architectural Animation & Animated Building Flythroughs

Immerse your audience in your world! We integrate your building concept within a residential neighborhood, commercial area, rural landscape, or sci-fi environments. Enable your audience to experience your design within its environment, with our stunning fly-through animations.

Device Turntable 3d Animation

On a budget? The simplest 3D animation is a 360° rotating animation of your product or scene. It can play seamlessly in a loop if you wish, to allow customers to see all angles of your product. Contact us for a project quote.

Our Clients

We serve small, medium, and large organizations. Our clientele is diverse across various markets, including Amazon and Etsy retailers, consumer products, high-tech companies, medical markets, entertainment industry, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need from me?

If you have reference materials that convey a preferred animation style, we welcome it! This includes reference photos or videos, as well as technical drawings or links to competitors’ products.

What is the process?

If you need a simple 360° turnable animation, our studio first creates the 3D model. Then we deliver the animatic for your review. This is a basic grayscale animation that conveys your product’s 3D shape and form, as well as our animation of your product and camera motions. After you review and approve the animatic, we deliver the Look Dev for your review. This includes still images of the visual quality you can expect in the final delivery.

For more complex commercials with voiceover narration and/or onscreen text, our workflow begins with story development. This includes scriptwriting and/or storyboarding, in conjunction with creating the 3D model.

What types of visuals can you create for me?

Our 3D animation studio specializes in visual content. We collaborate with you to create a technical animation or explainer video that fits your budget and marketing goals. We offer a wide range of styles, including 2D motion graphics, 3D product animation, VFX and/or dynamic simulations.

Why should I choose KALEIDOSKY STUDIO?

We take pride in delivering high-quality videos at affordable prices. We also have a passion for storytelling. We don’t simply create visual content – but we craft it skillfully to convey a compelling message, to help you increase sales.

How long will it take to deliver the animation?

Delivery depends on the video duration you want, the animation style, and level of complexity. As a general ballpark, a standard 3D product animation can take 2-4 weeks. Simple 360° turntable animations can take less time. Complex, photorealistic animations can take longer.

How much will it cost?

Several factors impact the project price. For example, if you’re able to provide us with a 3D model, such that we don’t need to create the model from scratch, that will reduce the price.

We’re happy to give you a project quote. Please send us details about your project that impact the budget.

For example, what is the concept, goal, and target duration?
Do you have a script, storyboard, or 3D files?

If you don’t have most of these, then no worries. We can create for you!

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